Monday, January 21, 2013

Lombardy Modern Black Leather Sectional Living Room Furniture

Finding the right sofa to fit your needs, budget, and style is not easy. The common question that people ask most is how to buy sofas online. Luckily, with the help of internet I came across to that offers a wide selection of sofas. This year, I really need to have a change for my living room especially the sofa. I have purchased the Lombardy Modern Black Leather Sectional Living Room Furniture. See the image below:

According to them, Lombardy is an extremely modern sectional sofa draped in black that can accommodate seven people without any problems. The back panel placed behind the chaise is durable enough to seat additional guest.

As you can see, it has upholstered with luxurious black bonded leather that brings prestige to any interior with its special allure, feel, and intoxicating smell. At the end corner of the sofa, you can see wooden end table in each corner. Each table provides adding storage or seating area. Of all the features of this sofa that probably make you want to purchase these items is the built-in lamp. It uses eight batteries and will last up-to 720 hours. These two end table seater has a dimension of 65"W x 37"D x 30"H x 17"SH. The corner of the sofa has a dimension of 45"W x 45"D x 30"H x 17"SH. At the chaise has a dimension of 52"W x 77"D x 30"H x 17"SH. I can say that it is perfect for gathering with your family and share some memorable moment.

The price of these items has a little bit expensive. The original price was 3,756.00 US dollars and now they sale it for only 2,200.0 US dollars. You can save up-to 1,556.00 US dollars. I know that the price is too expensive to have but, I can assure you that it has a top manufacturer for the comfort of your home. Buy leather of sectional sofa today and enjoy it tomorrow!

For more information about modern sectional sofa, pay a visit on this online store and get more inspirational home furniture for your home.


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